on serenity & sarcasm

The first post on my new blog… TA-DAH! GLITTER CANNONS!!!

I decided to open up a fresh blog after my previous blogs were hacked for the… second time? third? Whatever, doesn’t matter.

So, here’s a bit about me, what I tend to write about, and why I write.


I love and love doing many, many things. I love gardening. I love knitting. I love sewing. Reading, cycling, running, walking, and being still. I currently have a profession that is going very well and from which I derive satisfaction and enjoyment.

I have two guys in my life that I am very fond of. The larger one is Josh and we’ve been together for 12 years (as of this writing). The smaller one is just about 18 months old. His name is Milo and we named him after my mother, who died in 2009. I feel very sad that Milo will never meet his grandmother, and that my mother was never able to meet her grandson.


Milo’s an active guy. He is rambunctious and constantly needs to get his wiggles out.


He experiences so much joy and delight in life, and his exuberance is infectious.


He is observant, attentive, and curious.


He’s also a genius, as evidenced by this masterpiece.


Milo is my second baby. My first, technically a furbaby, is Kiko and this photo describes her perfectly. I get such a kick out of her and I adore her. Obviously, she has me under her paw. She’s also starting to get on in years…. at 9 years old, she’s been around the block a few times.


We all live in this house. Josh and I have done A LOT of work on it in the four years we’ve owned it. Our MANY improvements include new windows, new sewer line, new roof, new driveway, air conditioning, egress window, bathroom flooring, as well as installing several trees, bushes, lots and lots of ornamental plants, raised veggie beds, compost containment unit, chicken coop (currently unoccupied), pathways, drainage systems, and other functional landscaping features. Just to name a few things. And there are many more projects we hope to complete as well. Renovations and updates, but hopefully nothing emergent for a long time. We’re fatigued from all of the emergency repairs.


I should probably offer an explanation for why I am titling this blog “Serenity & Sarcasm.” For one, sarcasm tends to be my default communication strategy. This a strength and a weakness. ‘Serenity’ because I am the opposite of that. In a way, my serenity is sarcastic. I honestly do think about practicing mindfulness and developing greater serenity, but I’m too anxious and jaded.



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