Harvest Monday [ 04-24-2017 ]

The asparagus continues.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to harvest as much asparagus as I could have considering that we’ve had several hard frosts in between warm weather, so I’ve lost a decent amount of spears.

Nonetheless, this is my first year harvesting asparagus and I am delighted with it.

April 24

Despite the fluctuating weather, the rest of the garden is doing well.

This year, I’ve decided to experiment with using tomato cages for the snap peas. We’ll see how that goes.


Here is the broccoli.


And the potato leaves are starting to emerge.


Here is my little helper enjoying himself in one of my carrot beds. I haven’t been at all concerned about him wreaking havoc in my garden because I love that he enjoys digging in the dirt. Of course, I would prefer he play in his sandbox rather than my garden beds, but I would also prefer he play in my garden beds rather than watch tv and play video games all day. So I absolutely want to encourage him to play outside and cultivate his love of dirt.

Anyway, for the rest of my spring garden that is not photographed, I have one bed dedicated to beets, and one bed with chard and spinach. I’m about to begin harvesting rhubarb (seen in the background of the above video).

Harvest Monday is hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.

6 thoughts on “Harvest Monday [ 04-24-2017 ]

  1. We’ve been lucky and our asparagus didn’t get frosted on (yet) this year. It looks like your plants are doing great based on the spears! It’s truly one of my favorite veggies, and once you get it established it just keeps on giving year after year.


  2. Your garden looks great already! I still haven’t even ordered my seeds…not sure a garden is going to happen this year!


  3. He’s so intent with his garden play. So cute! The broccoli and pea plants look amazing and it gorgeous that you’re harvesting homegrown asparagus. Your plants are doing really well in their beds.

    I haven’t been able to do any planting yet, we’re in the midst of a huge series of storms so who knows when we’ll be able to.


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