~ Milo 2 Years! ~

Today my lovable guy is TWO years old.


We’ve had a great month. I am constantly in awe of how smart and fun he is.


Get this… my little genius can COUNT! Last night in the bath, I asked him how many toes he has, and he correctly counted all the way up to SEVEN! He’s been reliably counting to 2 for a few weeks (and has been very excited to identify when there are TWO of something) but last night I was absolutely blown away when he kept counting all the way to seven.

Of course, I tried to take a video of him counting and he wouldn’t count in front of the camera. But he did count to seven for Josh, who was equally amazed as I was.


This weekend, we had a casual gathering to celebrate Milo’s birthday. Josh recently finished installing a dishwasher in our house and the process of installing a dishwasher in a 70 year old home that previously did not have a dishwasher wreaked havoc on our already chaotic lives, so we had no mental or physical energy to organize an actual party. Instead, I sent out a last minute facebook invitation to a few friends to hang out at a local brewery, one that has a nice outdoor space.  As of two years ago, minors can accompany their parents to breweries in Idaho, and we have so many breweries that are lovely places for families to hang out.

20170820_153136_resized (1)

Anyway, a small but wonderful group of friends joined us and it was a very nice time.  Elizabeth made DELICIOUS chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.


This has been a fun month. There is always so much going on during the summer in Boise, particularly family friendly activities.

This past Saturday, for example, we went to Bug Day at the Idaho Botanical Gardens, which is a great space that is within walking distance of our house. The Gardens have so many fun events that are great for kids and it’s also just a great place to go.


Anyway, Bug Day was awesome! There were so many different hands-on learning booths, that were fascinating for both Milo and myself.

They also had several model trains setup that were decorated with bugs. This was different than the other exhibits, but Milo LOVES model trains and we watched them for almost half an hour.


We also wandered around the Gardens. Below is looking down on the koi pond.


Later that day, he and I went on a bike ride to Veteran’s park and we spent a long time just running around on the grass. Milo has developed a great affinity for running down hills.


We’ve also gone to the zoo several times. His day care actually did a Saturday field trip a few weeks ago, that was fun.


Last week, we went to the old train station in Nampa, where they have multiple model train exhibits. A train came into the station while we were there and we got to learn all about it.


Milo has a book about construction and there is a picture of a worker holding his hand out like this, to signal STOP. Milo loves making the STOP sign with his hand.

Here is a photo from a mama day a few weeks ago, when Milo and I went thrift store shopping together (and found that awesome Tonka truck on the table).


Also during our thrift store shopping spree, we found this scooter that Milo has mastered.



This week at day care, Milo is transitioning from the Chipmunk classroom to the Turtles. He’s moving along with his best friend, Lilah, who both turned 2 this month.

Joining the Turtles should be a fairly non-issue because he already knows the kids and teachers, as they socialize Chipmunks and Turtles regularly. Also, the current Turtles are all former Chipmunks that Milo has been in class with previously.


As I mentioned in my last post, Turtles are big kids and start working on big kid things like potty training.  At home, we’ve been having Milo sit on his potty in the morning after he has his breakfast. So far, he hasn’t gone in his potty, but we’re not really potty training yet, just trying to get him used to sitting on it.

I do think he’s showing more and more readiness. Yesterday after his bath, I was putting lotion on his skin and he asked me to put his diaper on. I was surprised because he usually loves his post-bath run around without a diaper for five minutes. So I got up to put the lotion away. When I returned, I found him on his changing table (he can climb up by himself, which used to freak me out), lying down, with a diaper, and trying to put the diaper on himself. It was hilarious! Right after I put the diaper on, he had a big pee (the line on the diaper turned blue really fast) and I suspect he was holding his urine until he had a diaper on.

Likely this is obvious, but I am excited for potty training, if only because I feel so bad about how ‘wasteful’ diapers are. If we ever have a second kiddo (which I’m sure we won’t), I will definitely try harder to make cloth diapers happen. After I had given up on cloth diapers for Milo, I learned that we have cloth diaper consultants in town as well as washing services.

Anyway, yesterday when I picked Milo up from daycare, I chatted with a Turtle mama who said that her daughter Dara (who is just a few months older than Milo) is 75% potty trained. I know that girls are supposed to be faster to potty train than boys and that it’s also very important to wait until the child is ready, but it’s nice to feel optimistic that one day we might be done with diapers.


As usual, I wasn’t organized with what I wanted to update this month’s post about, but I feel super awesome about being able to post an update on the actual day of the 22nd rather than six weeks late, despite the insanity of life. So, go me.

Oh, Milo got horribly sick two weeks ago and I had to stay home from work for three days. He was running a fever of 103 for four days, would hardly eat or drink, and was cranky as all get out. Apparently several kiddos from his day care were out with similar symptoms. But I also think that perhaps he was teething in addition to whatever he brought home from daycare, as he was drooling everywhere and his mouth was in a lot of pain. He won’t let me look in his mouth anymore, but I caught a glimpse of some white farther back in his mouth when he yawned the other day. So maybe molars…

This sickness reminded me of life with a colicky baby, as I found myself desperately driving him around town with the fans blaring with white noise, just to try and get him to calm down and sleep. He also had the meltdown of the century one night while I was trying to put him down for bed. He was SCREAMING, “No mama!”, kicking and hitting me with all of his might (which is actually a significant amount of might), and violently crying and crying, until finally, at a complete loss for what to do and feeling like I was going to lose my mind, took him on a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller. Of course, he fell asleep 30 seconds into our walk but I continued walking him around for quite some time because the peace and quiet was a godsend. For the next three days, the only way I could get him to relax enough to fall asleep was by walking him in the stroller.

Then, as suddenly as it began, Milo’s behavior returned to his normal, happy self.

In other news, not Milo related, but yesterday was the eclipse and I got to see 99.5% totality at the patio of my workplace. (All of my eclipse photos are terrible, but I did take this one of me and the uneclipsed sun behind me). Josh was actually able to head up to Pearl, Idaho to see full totality, which I hear is something worth looking at. I feel pretty meh about my partial eclipse experience, but everyone I know who saw totality are just going on and on about how it was one of the greatest experiences of their lives.


But I digress.

4 thoughts on “~ Milo 2 Years! ~

  1. Happy birthday Milo! The awe continues as they move into the twos…it’s so much fun!!

    And I was also underwhelmed by the eclipse. But we only had about 85% “totality”.


  2. A very happy 2nd birthday to Milo! Sounds like you have had a fun filled month although teething is always a pain (pun intended!) for both the child and the parent.

    And ugh – I feel your pain about the dishwasher – we did the same thing in our old house and that house was only 20 years old so I can imagine the disruption (worth it in the end, though!!).


  3. Jennifer! I hope all is well! We had a play date today with a friend, whose son is also named Milo, and it made me think of you and wonder how you’ve been. Life is so busy!


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