hellooooooo out theeeerrrre

Has it really been so long since I wrote on my blog? I don’t know if there’s anyone left who reads this, but if there is, please leave a comment so I know not to go dark for so long.

I am pleased to report that all is going very very well for us. Really, the honest explanation for why I haven’t posted in so long is because we’ve had a lot going on.

Expecting Baby #2

First of all, I am very happy to report that we are expecting a baby girl to join us in a few months. The journey to get here was a lot longer and bumpier than I had expected, but thankfully everything is going great now that we’re here. I’m currently 24 weeks along and feel absolutely great.


Milo seems to be excited about becoming a big brother and has been practicing taking care of his baby doll, with utmost seriousness. Here he is babywearing his baby doll in a sling.


Home Sweet Home

Another big thing for us is that we recently closed and have been working on moving into a new house. We’ve been living for the past year(ish) in a manufactured home on my father-in-law’s property, which was great in a lot of ways but was also not very glamorous. Not only was it not very glamorous, but the house was basically falling apart. And with a small child living there and a baby on the way, it became a priority for us to find something more structurally intact. Of course, Josh and I are super picky and it took us months and months of very actively looking at houses to finally find our dream home.


Four Years Old

Another thing that happened was that my baby boy turned FOUR years old. I’m pretty sure there was a rip in the space-time continuum because last I checked he was definitely a baby and now he’s a big kid. Anyway, we had a lovely birthday party with family. Below is Milo surrounded by his cousins, who he regularly gets to play with, which is amazing in and of itself.


Ok, well that’s all for now. Again, please leave a comment if you read this and I will be mindful of not going dark for so long. There are plenty of other big things happening in our world that I will perhaps share another time.

One thought on “hellooooooo out theeeerrrre

  1. I happened to be checking my email when a notification came through that you had a new blog. So I still read it! (I’ve also been completely too overwhelmed and occupied and haven’t blogged in almost 6 months…I should fix that too!)

    CONGRATULATIONS on baby girl!! So very excited for you and your family. It looks like Milo is going to be an excellent big brother! My two boys (particularly my 4.5-year old) have been asking for a little sister…I thought we were done with two but I’ve been bitten with the baby bug while at the same time husband is shopping for a vasectomy…bet you can guess how that’s going!

    Also congrats on the new house!


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