Harvest Monday – 5/21/18

FINALLY. We have snap peas.


I honestly thought it wasn’t going to happen this year. Normally, peas are an April or early May harvest for me. And normally, I have all the plants pulled by mid May to make room for my summer garden. Last week, blossoms finally began appearing on the pea stalks, which compelled me to give them a bit more time. They are occupying PRIME real estate in my garden and have been seriously dilly dallying this year. Those blossoms really sealed the deal last week and I found alternative space for my summer crops.


I’ve been excitedly watching the peas form and grow. Yesterday evening, I picked a pea for Milo and he actually ATE it and said YUM! Regardless of how delicious sweet peas are, they are GREEN and Milo DOES.NOT.EAT.GREEN.THINGS. But these, he loved! I was so happy. Trying to get this child to eat a vegetable is one of the most challenging things about being his mama. Anyway, after I gave him a tutorial about how to pick peas (he has to use both hands – one to hold the connecting vine, and the other to pull the pea – – sadly, he forgot a few times which hand he needed to pull with and we lost a portion of the plant – – ahh… toddler coordination!). Once he figured out how to pick peas, he had such a great time picking them and eating them. And he didn’t really want to stop!  All evening, he kept asking me if we should go look for more peas.


I finally got my garden harvest spreadsheet up and running. The unit of measure is grams. I have not been very diligent about harvesting when I should.


In other news, we’ve been having some epic rain storms and Milo has been having a blast wading in the flooded street. Above is after the rain had gone down the storm drain but he still wanted to see where all the water had gone.

Garden – March 2018 Update

Overall, we’ve had a nice winter this year. It’s been warmer than usual and relatively dry, both of which have been conducive to spending a good amount of time working in the yard and garden. We have had different batches of snow come through as well as cold snaps, but in general Milo and I have been able to spend many many more weekends than normal puttering outside.

So, Milo is at the most fun age right now. The past couple of years, he hasn’t been old enough to really play in the garden or help me with the work, so my gardening efforts were limited and fairly unsuccessful. Now, he loves being in the garden with me, whether he is playing in the dirt doing his own thing or actually helping me.


Arguably, Milo truly has been helpful in the garden. Yes, as evidenced above and below, he does enjoy playing in the dirt in which I am growing plants, but he has been mindful about not destroying my plants. But even more than that, he is a good helper.

Several weeks ago, he helped me dig up the potatoes that I didn’t have time to dig last fall. And that was the perfect example to contrast last year’s lack of success in the garden with this year’s productivity. He honestly was very helpful in digging up the potatoes and we were able to get the project completely done. He has also been helping me to clean up the debris on all of my garden beds.


Above, here is Milo playing with his construction vehicles in my asparagus bed. Probably not the best idea to let him do this, but I would prefer to encourage a love of digging in the dirt over retaining an intact asparagus bed. I’m sure many gardeners would be shocked at this perspective, but asparagus I can replant. Right now, fostering a love of gardening in my son I feel is so much more worthwhile.

Other gardening tasks I have accomplished include:

  • Direct sowing to beds of sugar snap peas
  • Cleaning up the overwintered beets and chard – – I’ve even been harvesting some chard the last several months
  • Caught up on so much garden clean up – trimmed back perennials, raked leaves, etc.


Above, this is a random silly picture – – Milo thought he’d be able to crawl through my tomato cages.


I do have a good start on my seed starting. Milo has been helping me with these as well. Initially, he helped me to fill the different containers with dirt and gently add seeds and then water. Then we’ve been watching the seedlings grow and he’s been helping to water them. It’s a cool science project to share with him.


We’ve also been working on a lot of landscaping and ornamental gardening projects. Above, this is our dirt mound in the front yard that Milo loves rolling his trucks on. I managed to bring out a haul of landscaping rocks that we found buried in our back yard several years ago. I’m still trying to figure out where to place them.


Another project that Josh has been working on has been installing a walkway next to our driveway. It’s about 90% complete.


In the backyard, I’ve continued to work on this flower bed that I started last year. I also laid several layers of cardboard on an area that I want to get rid of grass.


Front yard again, our lovely neighbor across the street gave me a ton of ornamental plants that I’ve added to the front yard. For example, that bit of ornamental grass in the foreground of the above picture (obviously, is dormant for the winter). I’ve bought oodles and oodles of flower seeds that I’m going to scatter over all of our dirt areas in the front yard and I’m so excited for this to become a colorful wonderland.


The weather is predicted to be in the mid 50’s this weekend and I’m looking forward to spending many many hours working in the dirt.

Belated Update

I am astonished at how long it’s been since last I posted. Things have been great, overall. My newish job is going well, but is so very busy that I don’t tend to feel inclined to spend time at the computer when not at work. Hence, the months of silence.

What follows will be an inadequate update, but it is more adequate than no update.


Milo is doing awesome. His language skills continue to EXPLODE. He speaks in full sentences, using pronouns occasionally and conjugating verbs appropriately. At day care for several weeks, they’ve had a learning theme around opposites and each week they focus on a different set of opposites. This week is hard and soft – – he knows that his teeth are hard and his skin is soft. Last week was clean and dirty, before that was inside and outside, etc. It’s been fun talking about opposites with him at home. During bath time, we talked about empty and full, while filling up cups with bath water and then dumping the water out.

He has also learned that Josh and I have actual names, rather than just mommy and daddy and, on occasion, he calls us by our names. When he does, he says “Gosh” for Josh and “Genfer” for Jennifer. It’s pretty cute.

We’ve been working more on potty training. It had been going great – – Milo had actually gotten to the point where he would ask to sit on the potty before going a few times – – but then he got sick and he hasn’t sat on the potty hardly at all for about a week. He’s also used the potty several times at day care.


We got him a balance bike for his birthday (way back in August) and he’s gotten really good at it.


He’s gone ‘mountain biking’ quite a number of times and is pretty good at it. Josh and I will run along after him on the trails


Obviously we take him on very easy trails, but they do have a slight grade and he can get going decently fast (for a toddler) on the downhill. He’s had a couple of crashes but nothing that phased him at all, he would just get back on his bike and keep riding. But he’s also really good at keeping his speed under control.


In a few months, I expect to be able to have him ride his bike while I run and for it to actually be a great workout for me. Pretty excited about that.


We had a lot of fun this past summer. There were so many great activities around town and we even got out of town a fair amount.


In October, we went to a corn maze at a ranch and Milo got to ride a pony.


I took him to a pumpkin patch at a local fire station and he got to explore a fire truck.


He also had a bit of a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him climb to the very very top of the hay bale structure by himself.


He LOVED playing in the leaves after I raked them into a pile.


Halloween was fun. I made him a rainbow turkey (???) costume and we trick or treated along the very busy Harrison Blvd. It’s so busy that they have police stationed at all of the intersections.


We went to an air show at the local airforce base.


We went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for their annual Winter Garden Aglow and it was lovely.


Okay, well that’s a super quick update of a few things happening.