Belated Update

I am astonished at how long it’s been since last I posted. Things have been great, overall. My newish job is going well, but is so very busy that I don’t tend to feel inclined to spend time at the computer when not at work. Hence, the months of silence.

What follows will be an inadequate update, but it is more adequate than no update.


Milo is doing awesome. His language skills continue to EXPLODE. He speaks in full sentences, using pronouns occasionally and conjugating verbs appropriately. At day care for several weeks, they’ve had a learning theme around opposites and each week they focus on a different set of opposites. This week is hard and soft – – he knows that his teeth are hard and his skin is soft. Last week was clean and dirty, before that was inside and outside, etc. It’s been fun talking about opposites with him at home. During bath time, we talked about empty and full, while filling up cups with bath water and then dumping the water out.

He has also learned that Josh and I have actual names, rather than just mommy and daddy and, on occasion, he calls us by our names. When he does, he says “Gosh” for Josh and “Genfer” for Jennifer. It’s pretty cute.

We’ve been working more on potty training. It had been going great – – Milo had actually gotten to the point where he would ask to sit on the potty before going a few times – – but then he got sick and he hasn’t sat on the potty hardly at all for about a week. He’s also used the potty several times at day care.


We got him a balance bike for his birthday (way back in August) and he’s gotten really good at it.


He’s gone ‘mountain biking’ quite a number of times and is pretty good at it. Josh and I will run along after him on the trails


Obviously we take him on very easy trails, but they do have a slight grade and he can get going decently fast (for a toddler) on the downhill. He’s had a couple of crashes but nothing that phased him at all, he would just get back on his bike and keep riding. But he’s also really good at keeping his speed under control.


In a few months, I expect to be able to have him ride his bike while I run and for it to actually be a great workout for me. Pretty excited about that.


We had a lot of fun this past summer. There were so many great activities around town and we even got out of town a fair amount.


In October, we went to a corn maze at a ranch and Milo got to ride a pony.


I took him to a pumpkin patch at a local fire station and he got to explore a fire truck.


He also had a bit of a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him climb to the very very top of the hay bale structure by himself.


He LOVED playing in the leaves after I raked them into a pile.


Halloween was fun. I made him a rainbow turkey (???) costume and we trick or treated along the very busy Harrison Blvd. It’s so busy that they have police stationed at all of the intersections.


We went to an air show at the local airforce base.


We went to the Idaho Botanical Gardens for their annual Winter Garden Aglow and it was lovely.


Okay, well that’s a super quick update of a few things happening.